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Generators restore normal electricity supply to your home in the event that the electricity supply is interrupted from the utility company or the result of severe weather.  These generators are fueled by Natural Gas or Propane to give you continuous automatic operation without having to worry with refilling a fuel tank.  These generators will automatically supply power to your home or office even while your away.

Generac  Preventive Maintenance & Warranty Dealer
Generac recommends having your new generator serviced after the break-in period from 8 to 20 hours of use or 1 year.  This includes changing the oil and filter, checking and adjusting the valve clearance, clean spart plugs, voltage adjustment, frequency adjustment and a overall inspection.  Then at 2 years or 200 hours have the oil and filter changed, air filter changed, a tune-up with new spark plugs, inspection and load test.   We provide maintenance and factory warranty service for  Generac Air-Cooled home standby generators from 7KW to 20KW and liquid cooled units to 150KW.  The following  brands are made and warranted by Generac.: Lowes Centurian brand,  Sears, Carrier, Eaton, Siemens and Honeywell.


Maintenance costs for air-cooled generators 7KW-20KW.  Preventive Maintenance at least once a year is recomended.

Break-in Period  Maintenance (in first year) includes:  Clean spark plugs, new oil (Mobile 1), new oil filter change, remove valve covers and adjust valves, voltage/frequency adjustment, clean unit, visual inspection, governor adjustment, check air filter, choke, battery cold cranking amp check and  run test...............................$195.00

Complete Maintenance includes: New spark plugs, new oil (Mobile 1), new oil filter change, new air filter change, valve adjustment, voltage / frequency check and adjust, battery Cold Cranking Amp check, visual inspection, clean unit, governor adjustment and run test.....................................$225.00

Generac recommends a new battery every 2 years.  Usually 3-4 years it fine.

We also provide maintenance and repairs on  Generac liquid cooled natural gas and propane generators up to 150 KW.


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A completed 10KW Generac generator installation

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Making repairs to a rooftop 25 KW

Warranty service on all air-cooled Generac generators.


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